Literature Study –Data Mining Techniques on Detecting Fradulent Activities in Credit Card

S. K. Saravanan, G. N. K. Suresh Babu


In contemporary days the more secured data transfer occurs almost through internet. At same duration the risk also augments in secure data transfer. Having the rise and also light progressiveness in e – commerce, the usage of credit card (CC) online transactions has been also dramatically augmenting. The CC (credit card) usage for a safety balance transfer has been a time requirement. Credit-card fraud finding is the most significant thing like fraudsters that are augmenting every day. The intention of this survey has been assaying regarding the issues associated with credit card deception behavior utilizing data-mining methodologies. Data mining has been a clear procedure which takes data like input and also proffers throughput in the models forms or patterns forms. This investigation is very beneficial for any credit card supplier for choosing a suitable solution for their issue and for the researchers for having a comprehensive assessment of the literature in this field.

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