Digital India

Chinnu Rajan


Digital India is the result of numerous advancements and innovative headways. These change the lives of individuals from numerous points of view and will engage the general public in a superior way. The 'Digital India' program, an activity of respectable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, will emerge new movements in each part and creates inventive attempts for geNext. The thought process behind the idea is to construct participative, straightforward and responsive framework. The Digital India drive is a fantasy undertaking of the Indian Government to redesign India into a learned economy and carefully engaged society, with great administration for nationals by bringing synchronization also, co-appointment out in the open responsibility, carefully interfacing and conveying the government projects and administrations to activate the ability of data innovation crosswise over government divisions. Today, every country needs to be completely digitalized and this program endeavours to give rise to profit to the client and specialist co-op. Henceforth, an endeavour has been made in this paper to comprehend Digital India – as a crusade where advancements and network will meet up to have an effect on all parts of administration and enhance the personal satisfaction of nationals. Digital India is a program to convert India in to a digitally empowered society ,and knowledge economy. It is an ambitious program of Government of India projected Rs. 1, 13000 crores. This project is delivering good governance to people and coordinated with both State and Central Government. All government services are available to the people electronically. This program will be implemented with the help of electronics and information technology department (DeitY).All States and Territories will get the benefits. Digital India infrastructure will provide high speed secure internet, Governance and services on demand. All the services are available through online, so it increases the speed of work and reduces the time. It will provide digital literacy to all people in India and availability of resources and services in Indian languages. The implementation of digital India from 2015-2018.

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