Application of Error-resilient Transmission of Sleep Apnea Patient Video with Sound over Mobile Network

G Vijay Kumar, Y Anjani


Mobile video-audio transmission systems have delivered  patient video with relevant snoring sound to quantify the severity of the sleep apnea patient over wireless networks, but few have optimized video-audio transmission in combination with transmission protocol over error-prone environments using wireless links. In this paper, the performance of the MPEG (Motion Picture Expert Group)-4 error resilient tools with UDP(User Datagram Protocol) protocol were evaluated over a wireless network to suggest the optimum combination of MPEG-4 error resilient tools and UDP packet size suitable for real-time transmission of video-audio transmission over error-prone mobile networks. Through experimentation, it was found that the packet size should correspond to IP(Internet Protocol) datagram size minus UDP and IP header for optimal video-audio quality. Also, for error resilient tool selection, the combination of resynchronization marker and data partitioning showed the best performance.

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