Maharashtra State’s Electricity Supply - Demand Forecasting for 2030 and 2050 using LEAP

Namrata Lotia, R. L. Shrivastava, Sachin Bagde, Pushkar Pandit


Electricity is one of the essential facilitator for achieving socio-economic development of the state and so the country. Amongst various modes adopted for meeting the ever increasing demand of electricity to achieve the targeted growth rate, Generation (supply) capacity enhancement is the most essential component. The economic growth leads to growth in demand of power. However, in view of the limited available fuel resources for generation, to meet this demand the capacity addition has to be planned very optimally Keeping in view the status of Maharashtra state as per as electricity consumption is concerned, it becomes essential to forecast the electricity requirement of the state  and to meet that forecasted demand, what must be the installed capacity and the rate of electricity generation . In this paper LEAP software has been utilized for electricity requirement (Demand) and electricity generation(Supply) projections using various scenarios for Maharashtra state  in 2030 and 2050 .

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