An Analysis to the Role of Social Media in Creating Value inside a Company and allowing faster and better Decisions

Said Milad Mohamed Rabha, Mohamed Bashir Abugharsa


It is a natural phenomenon that people competition with every one in every filed of life. In a race, runners measure themselves based on how they perform against the field. If a runner finishes in the top half, he knows he’s faster than most people. Just like a runner, investors look for ways to see how will they earn or compete with others. But when it comes to this form of competition, it’s not only about the bragging rights. Beat the market, and you’ll be green with cash while others are green with envy.

There  is  the  bes t thing  is  Indexes, an index is a grouping of  securities  that  estimate  the  performance  of a particular  sector  of  the  market.  These  indexes  act  as  the yardstick by which many investors measure their money’s performance. And more recently, people have been investing in the yardsticks themselves.

A company known mostly for its online channel had begun to undercut premiums in a number of markets and was doing so without agents, building on its dazzling brand reputation online and using new technologies to engage buyers. Some of the insurer’s senior managers were sure the threat would abate. The board decided that the company needed to digital pace.

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