Physico-Chemical Analysis of Groundwater and Effect of Climatic Change in Angul-Talcher Area

Aliva Bera, D.P. Satapathy


In this paper, the linear regression model using ANN and the linear regression model using MS Excel were developed to estimate the physico-chemical concentrations in groundwater using pH, EC, TDS, TH, HCO3 as input parameters and Ca, Mg and K as output parameters. A comparison was made which indicated that ANN model had the better ability to estimate the physic-chemical concentrations in groundwater. An analytical survey along with simulation based tests for finding the climatic change and its effect on agriculture and water bodies in Angul-Talcher area is done. The various seasonal parameters such as pH, BOD, COD, TDS,TSS along with heavy elements like Pb, Cd, Zn, Cu, Fe, Mn concentration in water resources has been analyzed. For past 30 years rainfall data has been analyzed and water quality index values has been studied to find normal and abnormal quality of water resources and matlab based simulation has been done for performance analysis. All results has been analyzed and it is found that the condition is stable. 

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