A Comprehensive Survey on SLA Compliant Energy Aware Resource Allocation in Cloud Datacenters

Anitha R, C Vidya Raj


Cloud Computing has achieved immense popularity due to its unmatched benefits and characteristics. With its increasing popularity and round the clock demand, cloud based data centers often suffer with problems due to over-usage of resources or under-usage of capable servers that ultimately leads to wastage of energy and overall elevated cost of operation. Virtualization plays a key role in providing cost effective solution to service users. But on datacenters, load balancing and scheduling techniques remain inevitable to provide better Quality of Service to the service users and maintenance of energy efficient operations in datacenters. Energy-Aware resource allocation and job scheduling mechanisms in VMs has helped datacenter providers to reduce their cost incurrence through predictive job scheduling and load balancing. But it is quite difficult for any SLA oriented systems to maintain equilibrium between QoS and cost incurrence while considering their legal assurance of quality, as there should not be any violations in their service agreement. This paper presents some state-of-the-art works by various researchers and experts in the arena of cloud computing systems and particularly emphasizes on energy aware resource allocations, job scheduling techniques, load balancing and price prediction methods. Comparisons are made to demonstrate usefulness of the mechanisms in different scenarios.

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