An Opinion Survey on User Interface Design of Web Learning System

T. Saravanan, N. Nagadeepa


The aim of this research paper is to study the user interface design of web learning system. This paper also analyzes the opinion of the users to improve the current web learning system. There are many web learning portals are available to the learners with and without pay and learn option. But the user interface design of the web learning system has no specific standards. There are many possibilities to improve the current system. User generated content is a new area to explore and study. The users of the system can give an opinion and also able to modify some design aspects according to their preferences and likes. In this research paper, we have studied two different web learning systems and its design aspects. Cognitive aspects and the flexibility of the design plays a very important role in learning. Cloud sharing and downloading time play a very vital role in learners’ preferences. Many free course learners withdraw learning modules due to the pure connectivity from the cloud learning environment. Web design principles, color principles, basic design principles and user interface design considerations should be studied and applied to create a well-constructed user-friendly environment.User generated and user participated design plays a very important role in the effectiveness of learning.

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