Consumer Attitude and Behaviour towards Soft Drinks

G. Mallaiah, D V Ramana


Since consumers are the most important factor for business continuation, the understanding of consumer behavior is one of key elements in preparing marketing strategy. Consumer behavior is the study of what to buy, how to buy, where to buy, and when to buy in what quantity. Apart from the decision of to buy and not to buy, there is also a decision regarding which source to buy. Consumer behavior is also the study of factors that affect the behavior both internal and external such as, self-concept, social and cultural background, age, family, attitudes, personality and social class. In this study, an attempt is made to investigate the consumer preference on buying behaviour towards soft drinks. For this purpose, 300 sample respondents are selected from selected municipal corporations in Andhra Pradesh base on purposive sampling and collect data is analysed with the help of correlation and regression analysis. The results reveal that 54.56% of the observed variability in buying behaviour can be explained by the differences in both the independent variables namely product, price, place, promotion and remaining 45.5% of the variance in behaviour related to other variables.

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