A Highly Efficient and Optimised Simulation Based Multi objective Decision-Making for FMS Control

Shreyanshu Parhi, S. C. Srivastava


Optimized and efficient decision-making systems is the burning topic of research in modern manufacturing industry. The aforesaid statement is validated by the fact that the limitations of traditional decision-making system compresses the length and breadth of multi-objective decision-system application in FMS.  The bright area of FMS with more complexity in control and reduced simpler configuration plays a vital role in decision-making domain. The decision-making process consists of various activities such as collection of data from shop floor; appealing the decision-making activity; evaluation of alternatives and finally execution of best decisions. While studying and identifying a suitable decision-making approach the key critical factors such as decision automation levels, routing flexibility levels and control strategies are also considered. This paper investigates the cordial relation between the system ideality and process response time with various prospective of decision-making approaches responsible for shop-floor control of FMS. These cases are implemented to a real-time FMS problem and it is solved using ARENA simulation tool. ARENA is a simulation software that is used to calculate the industrial problems by creating a virtual shop floor environment. This proposed topology is being validated in real time solution of FMS problems with and without implementation of decision system in ARENA simulation tool. The real-time FMS problem is considered under the case of full routing flexibility. Finally, the comparative analysis of the results is done graphically and conclusion is drawn.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijermt.v6i6.254


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