Provide an Approach to Development and Security Preparation Forensic

Reza Sadeghi Rashed, Mohammad Bagher Mohammadi Lame


In the world, despite the efforts sparse for the use of information and communication technologies in some industries and businesses carried out, due to the lack of capacities and infrastructure required, preparation Forensic, causing a sharp drop in the performance of investments undertaken and the lack of benefits of ICT and mistrust and insecurity in And the vulnerability of information assets. In this regard Forensicpreparation assessment models provide the most help in understanding the status quo. Elements such as access mechanism, event tags, structure, communication systems and operating systems, intrusion detection systems, standards for data collection run by technical and non-technical factors affect protection of witnesses and the time this location. In this paper, according to the progress of society in the field of computer networking vacuum talk Forensic and preparedness in this area due to the emergence of e-government, there is discussed that requires the review process liable to digital evidence is in case any thing happened to information assets to risk losing assets and lowered consumer expenditure in this area to ensure future Forensic assets.

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