Link-Level Simulator for Wireless local Area Network

Chaithra. H. U, Vani H.R


Now a days in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) used in different fields because its well-suited simulator and higher flexibility. The concept of WLAN  with  advanced 5th Generation technologies, related to a Internet-of-Thing (IOT). In this project, representing the Network Simulator (NS-2) used linked-level simulators for Wireless Local Area Networks and still utilized IEEE 802.11g/n/ac with advanced IEEE 802.11ah/af technology. Realization of the whole Wireless Local Area Networking linked-level simulators inspired by the recognized Vienna Long Term Evolution- simulators. As a outcome, this is achieved to link together that simulator to detailed performances of Wireless Local Area Networking with Long Term Evolution, operated in the similar RF bands. From the advanced 5th Generation support cellular networking, such explore is main because different coexistences scenario can arise linking wireless communicating system to the ISM and UHF bands.

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