A Novel Mechanism for Detecting DOS Attack in VANET Using EAPDA

Sheethal D, Chandrashekhar H.K


Security is the major concern with respect to the critical information shared between the vehicles. Vehicular ad hoc network is a sub class of Mobile ad hoc network in which the vehicles move freely and communicate with each other and with the roadside unit (RSU) as well. Since the nodes are self  organized, highly mobile and free to move therefore any nodes can interact with any other node which may or may not be trustworthy. This is the area of concern in the security horizon of VANETs. It is the responsibility of RSU to make the network available all the time to every node for secure communication of critical information. For this, network availability occurs as the major security requirement, which may be exposed to several threats or attacks. The vehicles and the RSU are prone to several security attacks such as masquerading, Sybil attack, alteration attack, Selfish driver attack, etc. Among these Denial of Service attack is the major threat to the availability of network. In order to shelter the VANET from DoS attack we have proposed Enhanced Attacked Packet Detection Algorithm which prohibits the deterioration of the network performance even under this attack. EAPDA not only verify the nodes and detect malicious nodes but also improves the throughput with minimized delay thus enhancing security. The simulation is done using NS2 and the results are compared with earlier done work.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijermt.v6i7.227


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