Quadcopter for Medical Services

Supritha K, Vivechna Mantri, Sindhura Reddy V, Swathi Ramji


Lack of immediate medical attention post trauma is the major factor of the increased death rates in road accidents. In order to provide timely medical attention, a system is to be designed which is a means that does not have the road constraints of an emergency medical system. This is the Air Ambulance- Quadcopter. Attempting to bring about faster accessibility of medical services to the patient especially in rural areas is the motivating factor. The system will help in implementing this idea of faster site accessibility to a large extent, by providing timely first aid and serving the society through means of a Quadcopter. To design such an equipment, an elaborate survey has been made on the topics of Wi-Fi, Sensor. This paper is an outcome of the survey done which has enriched us with an in-depth knowledge of the various components and techniques required to design and build a Quadcopter.

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