Six Sigma Approach to Quality and Productivity Improvement in an Institution for Higher Education

Yatika Hasija, Suman Kant, Amandeep Kaur


Quality has become a competitive weapon in both the manufacturing and the service sector. And from past few decades, service sector particularly education sector has been neglected in terms of quality improvement efforts or we can say that quality improvement strategies are not being implemented in the education sector. Day by day the number of educational institutes is increasing and most of them are being managed by private management. As profitability is their major concern, therefore the aspect of quality is being overlooked. Today the higher educational Institutions are exposed with global competition and facing a lot of problems such as low graduation rates, higher drop-out rate, less employability etc. Therefore educational organizations must adapt six sigma methodologies to improve the quality of higher education. Although the method of applying statistical process control in education industry is really challenging but in this thesis we take a primary step to search out a solution for the education sector so that they can improve the quality of higher  education.

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