New Image Registration Techniques: Development and Comparative Analysis

Sindhu Madhuri G., Indra Gandhi M. P.


Design and Development of new Image Registration Techniques by using complex mathematical transformation functions are attempted in this research work as there is a requirement for the performance measurement of image registration complexity. The design and development of new image registration techniques are carried out with complex mathematical transformations of Radon and Slant functions due to their importance. And the rotation and translation geometric function are considered for better insight into the complex image registration process. The newly developed image registration techniques areevaluated and analyzed with openly available images of Lena, Cameraman and VegCrop. The accuracy as a performance measure of the newly developed image registration techniques are attempted to measure with popularly known metrics of RMSE, PSNR and Entropy. And the results obtained after successful image registration process are compared are presented. It is observed from the results that the developed new image registration techniques using Radon and Slant transformation functions with rotation and translation are superior and useful for the requirement and purpose in the digital image processing domain. Finally a research effort is made to development of new image registration techniques that are useful to extract intelligence embedded in the images with complex transformation function and an attempt is made to measure its performance also.

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