Credit Risk Management of Kumari Bank Ltd. Nepal

Kalpana Sahani, Soni Sahani, Sundip Bansal, Deepak Shakya, Binay Shrestha


Banks are always faced with different types of risks that may have a potentially negative effect on their business. Risk-taking is an inherent element of banking and, indeed, profits are in part the reward for successful risk taking in business. On the other hand, excessive and poorly managed risk can lead to losses and thus endanger the safety of a bank's depositors. Risks are considered warranted when they are understandable, measurable, controllable and within a bank’s capacity to readily withstand adverse results. Sound risk management systems enable managers of banks to take risks knowingly, reduce risks where appropriate and strive to prepare for a future, which by its nature cannot be predicted.

Financial institutions are subject to a number of risks such as Credit risk, Market risk management, Foreign exchange risk, Operational risk, and Liquidity risk. Although credit risk has always been of primary concern to these institutions, its importance became paramount during the recent financial crisis. The crisis exposed the shortcomings of existing risk management systems, and several firms saw significant losses resulting from failure of their counterparties to deliver on contracts. Firms may also be worried about a second recession, which makes credit risk a top priority.

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