Lightweight Authentication Scheme for Live Video Streaming Security

Resmi .A .M, R. Manicka Chezian


The majority of the traffic in the internet is dedicated to video streaming and its applications. Content Network Networks are good enough in live video streaming. But, implementing live video streaming is not an easy task. Delivery of live video streams can be complicated because of the variety of platforms, network types and streaming formats competing in today's online media services. Every user’s expecting reliable high quality performance with data availability using heterogeneous choices. And it is now tougher than ever to ensure an agreeable, problem less viewing experience on live streaming. Another problem of video streaming is handling security issues, which need fast verification and effective attack resistance. CDN suffers from various security issues, here, a new prototype to perform secure content delivery especially on live video streaming. A lightweight video streaming authentication technique is developed, this authenticates and transmits the data and eliminates the unauthorized access.

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