Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Compressible Flow across a Complex Geometry Carburettor Venturi

Arvind .T, Swaminathan M. R


A commercial computational fluid dynamics package could be used to develop a three dimensional, fully turbulent model of the compressible flow across a complex geometry venturi, such as those found in small engine carburettors. The results of the CFD simulation can be used to understand the effect of the different obstacles in the flow on the mass flow rate and the static pressure at the tip of the fuel tube. This would be helpful to analyze the pressure loss in the throat area. Analysis would be performed to study airflow across carburettor venturi by locating fuel tube at the diverging nozzle of the venturi and for various positions of throttle valve in the present paper, fuel tube and throttle plate would be modelled and analyze in order to have better understanding of the flow in complex venturi. The results of this study necessitate for modification throttle valve design. The carburettor body is remodelled with two throttle bodies replacing conventional throttle. Analysis has been performed to study flow field with modified design and results have been discussed.

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