A Novel Hybrid Encryption Method for Multimedia Encryption Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography and TDMRC

Sreekala M, Varghese Paul


We are in the era of digital revolution and the benefits are remarkable. People are much dependent on digital technology and can’t survive without it. With the advancement of Internet and its applications, we share a wide range of data including texts, images, audios and videos in a more extensive space and time scope that we never had before. This increases the need for security day by day. Cryptography is an art of Science that uses complex logic in order to design powerful encryption techniques. Both symmetric and asymmetric key encryptions have their own advantages. Time Dependant Multiple Random Cipher(TDMRC) code is one of the best symmetric encryption schemes. Elliptic curve cryptography(ECC) is widely used because of its less key size and faster key generation. This paper proposes a new method of hybrid encryption method using ECC and TDMRC.

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