Study of High Strength Concrete Using Microsilica

Ramanpreet Singh, Gurprit Singh Bath, Manjeet Bansal


The framework of bridges, buildings, roads etc. need concrete. The concrete which is being used is not able to fulfil the contemporaneous needs. In India High Strength Concrete (HSC) is preferred for manufacturing practices and at the same time High Performance Concrete is used at high level. The properties of HSC are improved like mechanical and durability are improved by using silica fume in concrete. HSC has made the work of construction company more rewarding to design tall, long and light structures. HSC is helpful in designing buildings with good number of floors, wide area bridges and slim structure. The products like fly-ash, copper slag, silica fume etc. are produced by industries which leads to various environmental problems. The experiment on silica was done which stated that no strength is lost in silica-fume concretes. The experiment comprises four levels of silica-fume at the rate of 0%, 5.5%, 8.0%,9.5% and 11.0% which results high strength concrete.

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