Arduino Based RFID Controlled Automatic E-TOLL Collection System

Varadraj Bhat, Prasad Pai


This paper focuses on an electronic toll collection (ETC) system using radio frequency identification technology (RFID). Research on ETC was started in 1992, during which RFID tags began to be widely used in vehicles to automate toll processes. The proposed RFID system uses tags that are mounted on the windshields of vehicles, through which information embedded on the tags are read by RFID readers. This eliminates the need for motorists and toll authorities to manually perform ticket payments and toll fee collection. The Data of each vehicle crossing the toll gate is stored in the website. A LCD screen is also provided for user convenience.The toll Gate arena is monitored by means of a camera at all times. Data information are also easily exchanged between the motorists and toll authorities, thereby enabling a more efficient toll collection by reducing traffic jams and eliminating possible human errors.

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