A Pragmatic Study on Time Series Models for Big Data

B. Arputhamary, L. Arockiam


Recent years have witnessed the growth of Big Data, particularly Time Series data which initiates major research interest in Time Series analysis and forecasting future values. It finds interest in many applications such as business, stock market and exchange, weather forecasting, electricity demand, cost and usage of products and in any kind of place that has specific seasonal or trendy changes over time. The forecasting of Time Series data provides the organization with useful information that is necessary for making important decisions. In this paper, a detailed study is performed to find the total number of bike users with respect to the season and weather on Capital Bike Sharing System (CBS) dataset. The study covers the Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA), Holt-Winters Additive and Multiplicative forecasting models to analyse the seasonal and trendy fluctuations of the given dataset to improve performance and accuracy.

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