Power Efficient Implementation of Low Noise CMOS LC VCO using 32nm Technology for RF Applications

Shitesh Tiwari, Sumant Katiyal, Parag Parandkar


Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) is an integral component of most of the receivers such as GSM, GPS etc. As name indicates, oscillation is controlled by varying the voltage at the capacitor of LC tank. By varying the voltage, VCO can generate variable frequency of oscillation. Different VCO Parameters are contrasted on the basis of phase noise, tuning range, power consumption and FOM. Out of these phase noise is dependent on quality factor, power consumption, oscillation frequency and current. So, design of LC VCO at low power, low phase noise can be obtained with low bias current at low voltage.  Nanosize transistors are also contributes towards low phase noise. This paper demonstrates the design of low phase noise LC VCO with 4.89 GHz tuning range from 7.33-11.22 GHz with center frequency at 7 GHz. The design uses 32nm technology with tuning voltage of 0-1.2 V. A very effective Phase noise of -114 dBc / Hz is obtained with FOM of -181 dBc/Hz. The proposed work has been compared with five peer LC VCO designs working at higher feature sizes and outcome of this performance comparison dictates that the proposed work working at better 32 nm technology outperformed amongst others in terms of achieving low Tuning voltage and moderate FoM, overshadowed by a little expense of power dissipation. 

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijermt.v6i8.118


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