Optimizing Error Rate in Intrusion Detection System Using Artificial Neural Network Algorithm

S. Vijaya Rani, G. N. K. Suresh Babu


The illegal hackers  penetrate the servers and networks of corporate and financial institutions to gain money and extract vital information. The hacking varies from one computing system to many system. They gain access by sending malicious packets in the network through virus, worms, Trojan horses etc. The hackers scan a network through various tools and collect information of network and host. Hence it is very much essential to detect the attacks as they enter into a network. The methods  available for intrusion detection are Naive Bayes, Decision tree, Support Vector Machine, K-Nearest Neighbor, Artificial Neural Networks. A neural network consists of processing units in complex manner and able to store information and make it functional for use. It acts like human brain and takes knowledge from the environment through training and learning process. Many algorithms are available for learning process This work carry out research on analysis of malicious packets and predicting the error rate in detection of injured packets through artificial neural network algorithms.

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